One of the best use cases for Indoor Navigation systems is Museums. Using this technology users can easily reach their destination around the museums using Augmented Reality and also receive additional data about each item in AR mode. This information can be in any form including 3D holograms and easily replace tour guides.

Below is the demonstration of this technology in the Iran National Library museum.

As COVID19 hit every part of our planet, Alpha Reality tried to use its current technologies to help people all over the globe with the pandemic and smarten the way people measure their temperature to detect fever and already affected people and prevent them from entering public places.

Alpha Reality AI-Based Thermometer uses deep learning to detect people’s faces as they pass by the system and measure the temperature of their faces using thermal cameras in real-time. This way if the temperature of a person’s face is above a certain threshold we can prevent that person from entering the place and also send his picture to the security units.

In the second step of collaboration between Alpha Reality and Shahrvand Retail Stores, Alpha Reality implemented its Face Recognition system for this group to prevent shop lifting from their stores.

Using Alpha Reality Face Recognition system which connects to the currently used IPCams, Each store could define their own black list to prevent shop lifters from entering stores and give security staff a better look at each store.

This system can also be used for checking attendance, VIP lists and also surveilance.

Each year MVIP (Machine Vision and Image Processing) conference, One of the conferences which are under the certificate of IEEE is being held to discuss the latest achievements in Machine Vision and Deep Learning. In 2020 Alpha Reality published its paper “Attention-Based Face AntiSpoofing of RGB Images Using Minimal End-2-End Neural Network” and was invited for the oral presentation. In this paper, we discussed our patent-pending Anti-Spoofing solution to differ between a face which is detected from a direct feed of the camera or from a secondary source such as a printed paper or a digital display. This solution is currently being used in Alpha Reality AI-Based Verification systems.

This paper was also featured on several websites and blogs including Harvard University, DeepAI, and GroundAI.

Each year, ICMV(International Conference on Machine Vision) is being held around the globe. In 2019 Alpha Reality participated in this conference in Amsterdam with its original paper “ICPS-net: An End-to-End RGB-based Indoor Camera Positioning System using deep convolutional neural networks” and got invited for oral presentation of this paper.

In this paper, Alpha Reality explored a novel way to localize users just with a single RGB image in an End-to-End deep learning architecture.

This paper also got featured on various blogs and websites including Harvard University and DeepAI.

Each year Elecomp expo is being held in Iran as the most important IT and Tech event of the year. In 2019 Alpha Reality, attended this event as one of the high-tech companies attending this expo and presented its products including “Indoor Navigation”, “Face Recognition” and its location-based AR game…

As people get into large spaces like shopping malls, one of the main challenges has always been navigation and finding their desired POI and destination. As GPS signals can’t reach indoor spaces localizing users and get their location didn’t have a convenient solution. Alpha Reality introduces its patent-pending system called APS (Alpha Positioning System), which allows users to localize themselves via just a single RGB image. This way they can get more information about their environment and also navigate to their desired destination.

Iran Mall Indoor Navigation system demonstrates how a user can navigate to his/her car in the parking and get more information like promotions and ads about their surroundings.